Battery storage automatically provides homeowners with power when the sun goes down and certain models can provide backup power in case of grid interruption. It allows home owners to maximize self-consumption for maximum energy independence, because PV power is stored in a battery and used at night.


Did you know...

Solar panels are required by law to shut off during a power outage. If they didn't, they would pose an electrocution hazard to utility workers trying to fix the problem. A compatible inverter and battery makes it so your solar panels can continue running in an outage, keeping essential loads running for your home and your family.

Solis & Pylontech

We have developed a more affordable battery solution using a Solis hybrid inverter and Pylontech battery modules.

€3000 grant available if paired with 4kW solar
Storage Solution
We can supply & install the following battery solutions:
How a battery connects to your home

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